My Journey To Fulfilment And Happiness


The start of 2018 started off with a hell of a KICK. A unsettling frenzied experience; is my short and sweet explanation. My steady life, that I had known for the last 24 years was about to take a turn that I could not have foreseen. It would be the most intense emotion of fear; of the unknown. This feeling burning within me, was the beginning and the start of my new chapter. My journey to fulfilment and happiness.
Now some people would say, ‘24 years of age and you still haven’t sorted out your life!’. Well, my answer is a big NO. I guess I’ve just watched my life drift past me, watching from behind a screen my school friends having their first child, (some are on their second!). Whilst others, take their first step onto the property ladder with their long-term boyfriends.
But you see, I am not like my friends.
Instead, my life is more like a never-ending, dilapidated, and not so captivating maze. We are taught from a young age what society expects for us to do – follow a well-scripted plan. You must choose a profession, study and dedicate your time to climb the career ladder. Which will one day pay off as you will live a comfortable successful life. This is what we have to conform to. Oh, did I  forget to mention this is also coupled with living the seemingly picture-perfect life? But life is not that easy, for all involved. Some of us are just not good at following scripts; we all can’t be great actors, right?
I’ve set upon many paths, in which I have diverted off. As I simply got frustrated with constant rejection, which has lead me down a miserable path of me questioning myself and my worth. Living in a metropolitan city, the question your most often asked “so what is it that you do for work”. Why is it that a job must define you? My job title is not my entire existence, nor should I be judged wholly on my CV and so lack of experience for a role. People are so quick to shoot others down; when they don’t match their expectations or guidelines. What happened to taking a leap of faith and letting that person thrive. I am done with being disappointed and put down and not seen for what I am actually worth.
So as 2018 got off to a start, something within me knew things had to change. I wasn’t happy living adrift and in a negative funk. I wanted CHANGE! So in February, I packed up my belongings, found a storage unit, moved into an Airbnb and booked my trip to Bali, Indonesia. It was on this trip, where I took my first steps on my journey to fulfilment and happiness.

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