Here’s how my first trip to Bali went!

Travelling has been something that I have desired to do for a while. But it wasn’t until now, that I felt it was right or even possible to pack up, board a plane and enter into a new world. The past couple of years have not only drained me mentally but it has also exhibited physical effects too. My spiral began in 2012, and since then I have battled constant traumas of toxic relationships, financial strains, and difficulty in finding my purpose. This left me feeling frustrated, misunderstood, undervalued and unfulfilled. I was lost!
All these components together, made me want to break the cycle of negativity. What I needed was a spiritual and positive outlook on life. I knew that London was not the place to achieve this! So I listened to what my mind and body needed. I needed a total break from reality, a holiday away to decompress and to find my purpose. What better place to do that, than in the sun amongst nature and an exceptional vibrant culture. When speaking in detail with my friend Zoe about my plans, I had hoped that she would come with me.
As if all my prayers had come true, she decided to travel with me with no convincing needed!

Arrived In Bali

We left London on March the 5th and arrived in Denpasar after a 17hrs flight. We landed in Bali in the late evening. The air was heavy with humidity with a more pleasurable undertone of incense. Do you remember the feeling of when you get off the plane and take in your first breath of FRESH air? Well, how great does it feel? It’s the most relaxing sensation and a sign that you have finally arrived and oh boy, I was relaxed! Our first task was to hunt down our driver; which I have to say was a stressful task, after a long flight. Baring in mind, that we had to locate him in the sea of taxi drivers, and a wall of bobbing name boards. We found him! So off we went to our first stop – Ubud.
Driving through Denpasar, my attention was drawn to how clean the streets were. How it was welcoming to see that nature is a fundamental key importance to the Balinese people. I became seduced, by the colours, flowers, statues and again by the marvellous smell of incents. I felt like a child in DisneyWorld. So many things to see!!

First Stop to the Jungle 

Atta Mesari Resort & Villas was our first hotel stay. Hidden amongst the rice fields and tropical forest. This small resort makes it an ideal place for a restful holiday. Surrounded by nature, you can hear the geckos at night and the birds chime in the morning. The rooms are spacious with a modern Balinese decor. I was relieved to find out that the rooms are fitted with air-conditioning and a king-sized dreamy bed. I started my day with a fresh Balinese coffee, a tropical juice and a tasty 3 course breakfast. Now anyone that knows me, knows my love for FOOD! Now you can imagine my happiness when I discovered that the breakfast menu would be 3 courses.
Later on, I would find myself sat by the pool listening to the sound of flowing water. Tuning into my surrounds, made my soul-searching exercises that little bit more relaxing. I continued meditating and reading self-help books as part of my daily routine for the next 6 nights.
The reason behind why I chose to stay at Atta Mesari Resort & Villas. Was the location. It is located outside the center of Ubud, placing it away from all the hustle and bustle of the crowds of people. And only a short walk away from the yoga studios and international food scene. During our stay, we explored the beautiful Ubud area. We visited the famous Ubud Monkey Forest, Yoga Barn, Tegallalang Rice terraces and the Ubud Palace.
This was a brilliant opening to my holiday, but also a major step in my own personal journey. This peaceful environment gave me clarity – Oh boy, did I need that! It allowed the millions of thoughts and fears to wash away, teaching my mind to only focus on the now. I will eternally be grateful, that I got to experience this beautiful environment and the calm that it brought into my life.

Atta Mesari Resort & Villas - My First Trip To Bali And It Won't Be My Last

Atta Mesari Resort & Villas Rooms - My First Trip To Bali And It Won't Be My Last

Atta Mesari Resort & Villas Breakfast - My First Trip To Bali And It Won't Be My Last

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