My Journey To Fulfilment And Happiness

The start of 2018 started off with a hell of a KICK, a purely unsettling frenzied experience; is my short and sweet explanation. My relatively steady life, that I had known for the last 24 years was about to take a turn that I could not have foreseen would be the most intense emotion of fear; of the unknown. This emotion I felt burning within me was the beginning and the start of my new chapter; my journey to fulfilment and happiness.

Now some people would say, ‘at 24 years of age and you still haven’t sorted out your life!’. Well, my answer is a big NO. I guess I’ve just watched my life drift past me, watching from behind a screen my school friends having their first child, (some are on their second!). Others starting their life on the property ladder with their first-time crushes, now long-term boyfriends. But you see, I am not like my friends or an incredible story you hear that a young girl started her beauty business and is now a multi-million-pound business owner – that we now see popping up due to the influence of social media.

Instead, my life is more like a never-ending, dilapidated, and not so captivating maze. We are taught from a young age what society expects for us to do – follow a well-scripted plan. You must choose a profession, study and dedicate your time to climb the career ladder; which will one day pay off as you will live a comfortable successful life. This is what we have to conform to. Oh, did I  forget to mention this is also coupled with living the seemingly picture-perfect life? But life is not that easy, for all involved. Some of us are just not good at following scripts; we all can’t be great actors, right?

I’ve set upon numerous paths, in which I have diverted off, as I simply got frustrated with constant rejection, which has lead me down a miserable path of me questioning myself and my worth. Living in a metropolitan city, the question your most often asked “so what is it that you do for work”. Why is it that a job must define you? My job title is not my entire existence, nor should I be judged wholly on my CV and therefore lack of experience for a role. People are so quick to shoot others down when they don’t match their expectations or guidelines, what happened to taking a leap of faith and letting that person potentially thrive. I am done with being disappointed and put down and not seen for what I am actually worth.

So as 2018 got off to a start, something within me knew things had to change. I simply wasn’t happy living adrift and in a negative funk. I wanted CHANGE! So in February, I packed up my belongings, found a storage unit, moved into an Airbnb and booked my trip to Bali, Indonesia. It was on this trip, where I took my first steps on my journey to fulfilment and happiness.

In this blog

I will take you on my journey to fulfilment and happiness; bringing you into my world and showcasing what I am most passionate about Travel, Food, and Photography. I hope this blog will inspire you to open your mind and senses to all the options that we have in this World, and that we DON’T have to follow a well-scripted path and we don’t have to be and feel disappointed any longer, but instead choose a path that allows us to seek adventure and new joys of trying new things – Welcome to Your Style Muse, where your world can be any destination!

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